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Reflexology is an holistic treatment which aims to promote optimum health through massage of the feet

Reflexology by Anna Ludlow MBRA

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an holistic therapy which aims to promote better health through the application of appropriate pressure of specific points on the feet, all of which correspond to the various areas of the body and can offer you:

  • a gentle, non-invasive method of rebalancing the body and mind
  • a deeply relaxing treatment to give your body a chance to recover from stress, illness or injury
  • a chance to improve the body’s ability to help itself
  • a truly holistic way of relieving a huge array of ailments
  • the opportunity to regain control of your health

Reflexology is a treatment which is suitable for everyone – men, women, the elderly, children, babies and even people with ticklish feet!

Anna Ludlow MBRA

I have worked in the natural health business since qualifying with the British Reflexology Association in 1990

During this time, I have been involved with many healthcare professionals in offering complementary treatments for many conditions and to all ages. I offer reflexology treatment in the peaceful surroundings of my home at Hill Farm, West Wickham, Cambridge or at the Newmarket Osteopathic Clinic in Newmarket, Suffolk

If you would like to find out how reflexology could help you then please do contact me for a no-obligation chat.

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Clinic locations

Hill Farm, West Wickham, Cambridge

Hill Farm

Newmarket Osteopathic Clinic, Newmarket, Suffolk

Newmarket Osteopathic Clinic

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